Monday, July 26, 2010

An Essential Item for Any Camper: Instant Ice

Essential Camping Equipment
Where would humanity be without ice? Back in the day, people used ice for transportation and the first refrigerators were just ice put in an underground compartment. Now, ice cools our drinks, makes nice sculptures, and is fun to bite really hard.

However, in this day and age, ice PACKS have taken on a lot of the jobs that pure ice used to be responsible for. Now, if you’re keeping a few Cokes in a cooler, you might put a few ice packs instead of a lot of ice cubes. And nobody puts a bag of ice on bumps and bruises anymore. It’s always the ice pack.

Obviously, ice packs can be re-used, are much more manoeuvrable than those slippery cubes, and last quite a bit longer. Still, while ice packs ARE miracles (well maybe, not quite miracles), they don’t stay cold forever. And what if just when you need an ice pack, there isn’t a satisfactorily cold one anywhere around:

Say you’re camping and you find that the adventure-loving, uber-manly Old Spice dude is camping in the same place. He’s not pleased by the fact that you don’t smell like sweat, fish, and gorillas (because any real man can tame a gorilla), so he kicks you in the balls.

And it hurts.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to relieve the pain. You can’t use pain medication because that’s not what real men do and the ice in your cooler isn’t very cold anymore.

This is where instant ice can come in handy. If you have enough real-man muscles, you just pop the bag of air (well actually, it’s pretty easy) inside the ice pack and boom, you hear a cool sound! Well, the other, less rewarding benefit is that it suddenly becomes cold because of some chemical reaction between the air and the other stuff in the bag.

And there it is. Suddenly, you have ice, without even using a freezer.

But pain relief isn’t the only use of instant ice while camping. What if the ice packs in your cooler run out of iciness, meaning your steaks might spoil (steaks are the food for real men)? You can just pop one of these instant ice packs. What if it’s really hot and you need a pillow? Pop an instant ice pack. What if you find yourself surrounded by ferocious Siberian tigers? Pop an instant ice pack*. The awesome sound can be your last little pleasure.

Just saying, there’s a lot of uses for instant ice.

*Don’t actually do that.