Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to Hide the Fact that You're Wearing Reversible Clothing

Reversible clothing is one sizzling hot banana pepper. If you're contemplating buying new shorts, here's the deal. You can probably drop $30 to get one nice pair OR you can get a 2 for 1 deal, without even using a coupon! No, it's not a miracle when you get two pairs of nice shorts for $30. It's just reversible clothing working its magic!

Reversible jackets, shirts, pants, and shorts. They're better value, they mean more outfits, and they save your closet space. Who could possibly resist?
The only problem is nobody wants to be caught wearing it because that just seems sort of cheap. However, you can still enjoy the incredible benefits of reversible clothing and avoid getting caught by following these three simple guidelines:

1. Never wear it on back-to-back days.

First of all, you may want to consider washing clothes before you wear them again, reversible or not. But whether or not you do this, just don’t wear reversible clothing on back-to-back days because if someone happens to see the side you wore before (RHYME!), it’s a lot easier to remember if you wore that side just yesterday.

2. Never leave it lying around in a position where people can see both sides.

This is a given. If people can see both sides, they’ll know it’s reversible. Cue the snickering and gossip: “Oooohh… Sharon’s wearing reversible jackets!”

3. Always have an excuse.

“Oh wow, I didn’t even notice that the other side has the same design as that other shirt I have. You have a good eye!”