Thursday, July 8, 2010

What is a Hot Banana Pepper?

If you are doing a fifth grade science project on the anatomy of hot banana peppers, this is not the site for you. But hey, I may as well be a little helpful— here’s the Wikipedia page on “Banana Peppers.”

On the other hand, if reading up on veggie facts isn’t your thing, you may have come to the right place. But you also may not have come to the right place. See, not being a fifth grader is only the first criteria for you to care about this post, or this blog in general. If you have a problem with made-up words, thinking outside the box, or life, then this blog is also not for you.

If you’re still here, you’re part of a small fraction of co-weirdos who may be interested to hear a revolutionary new definition for ‘hot banana peppers’.
Although a hot banana pepper is first and foremost, an awesome sandwich condiment, there is another fairly obscure meaning. It can also be an awesome idea.

In a hamburger, all the attention is hogged by the patty and all banana peppers do, is provide a little kick in the background. This is very similar to what a banana pepper idea does.

It doesn’t garner much of society’s attention because we’re mostly focused on ‘the big ideas’. However, what it does do is spice up our lives and make the world just that much better.

To illustrate, even though they’re great ideas, Google and electric cars are not hot banana peppers. Instead, they’re the patties or the centres of attention. But safety scissors and water-spraying fans are both hot banana peppers because you’d better believe they’re awesome, but still not cared about.
A hot banana pepper is creative, useful and often improves on the little things in life that make us that much happier.